Product overview



DataDesign markforged

Manage, improve and adjust the shape appropriately from anywhere.

This software is as important as Markforged's printer technology in 3D printing with
Eiger composite fibers . Markforged's excellent online platform allows you to easily control the strength of the model and the quality of each user.
Even if you have multiple 3D printers, you can manage, collaborate and create under the
Eiger integration system . Powerful but easy to use. Easy to import drawings and parts to create high strength on your browser.
DataDesign markforged

3D printer management that is consistent with production

With the use of Eiger, it is possible to select and add fibers that will be added during 3D printing on the Markforged device.
This software has high capabilities in routing and segmentation of fibers, allowing engineers to easily use while That provides detailed control as needed
Eiger has a free cloud platform. Therefore can be used regardless of the size of the facility Whether it is a single 3D printer or 100 machines
DataDesign markforged

Real time monitoring

With Eiger, you can manage the Markforged printer network and create models in one place. Whether one or 20 devices, you can check the functionality and availability of 3D printers at any time.
※ Desktop version is available. In addition, the mobile version will be announced shortly.